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Solar Power Solutions

Conquer technologies is a solution provider in the area of solar micro grid, mini grid for government, multinationals, MSME, SME and household. We design solar solution to meet specific needs of our client for optimum performance. The efficiency of any solar power solution largely depend on design.
We also correct existing installations that probably was wrongly designed or material and equipment were not properly sized.

Electrical Engineering

We undertake small scale and large capacity electrical engineering projects, Industrial wiring design, walkways, isdewalk and pedestrian safety lighting, street and tunnel lighting, Interior and exterior building lighting, specialty lighting, security access control and intrusion detection, automation, control and instrumentation, grounding systems, lightning protection systems, automatic control systems and fault analysis.

Consulting & Training

Conquer technologies can take clients through the full development cycle of a project, starting with validation of a project’s technical and economic feasibility and progressing to the design, supplier and contractor specification phases, sourcing of investment capital and available grants, construction oversight, project management and performance monitoring


Conquer technologies has special expertise in undertaking large scale internationally funded sustainable energy project: World bank, UNDP, Innovate UK, GIZ, etc.

We have experience in the following solar power project for productive uses:

  • Solar powered cold storage 
  • Solar powered ice block plant
  • Solar powered water pump for fish farm, irrigation, etc.
  • Solar powered processing plant (poultry  feed, rice mill, etc.)
  • Solar power for slaughterhouse
  • Micro grid solar plant for rural electrification

From small scale solar power systems to large scale micro and mini grid projects for Agriculture, Factories, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Schools, Supermarket, Churches, etc.

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