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From our experience in the field, competency is a big challenge in the industry,  This is why we offer this  course.

Hands-on training in PV installation, on-site and off-site practical training


We offer advanced training in solar energy system design, implementation and general maintenance.

Design is the key success factor in any solar power project, and this is why several solar power projects have failed in Nigeria.

Most installers we have met in the  field lack this skills,

ele piping

Electrical wiring is an essential skill set, it is a prerequisite for solar PV training, 

We offer training from domestic wiring to industrial instrumentation, high voltage, design, and electrical  drawing and interpretation

Who these trainings are for?

  • Technicians and individuals intending to learn how to install, maintain and repair Solar Photovoltaic equipment.
  • Design engineers.
  • Architects.

PV Training Checklist

Training are in three stages, beginner , intermediate and advance training. These trainings will provide you the skills and knowledge required to enable them to select the most appropriate solar PV system for a building based on consultation with the client about their needs and demands, to install any of the common types of PV systems in a safe and workmanlike manner. It also provides training in the maintenance and servicing of PV systems.

Solar PV Implimentation

The course will start from basics of Solar Energy and will drive you through the individual determining factors for a power plant and will gain in-depth exposure about solar plant design both for KW scale rooftop & MW scale Ground-mounted solar plants starting from basics.
Hence, the training are in 3 stages, he basic, intermediate and the advanced.

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Electrical Work

will teach you about each of the constituent parts of an electrical wiring system, as well as proper handling techniques, and installation and storage procedures for different electrical wiring components. Have the knowledge and skills to safely and competently complete most home electrical projects and repairs. The course includes an in-depth look at rough-in wiring, and explains the role, use and importance of ground fault circuit and arc fault circuit protection.

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